Appearance of Taichan Satay

If you hear the word satay, the first thing that comes to your mind must be Indonesia, it is true this food is identical with Indonesia because in addition to being a favorite food of the people of Indonesia, this food is also often a meal of visiting country guests. Maybe some of us have heard many variants of various types of satay, be it goat satay, cow, or chicken. But do you know the more advanced times, types of satay now has a variety of variants that are very unique and become an attraction for culinary connoisseurs, and one of which is Taichan satay.

Taichan satay itself is chicken satay that is burned without soy sauce and peanut seasoning. This dish originated from street vendors in the area Senayan, Jakarta and now spread throughout Indonesia. Taichan satay can now easily be found in several locations, especially in Jakarta. Uniquely, Taichan Satay always sold at night before dawn. One center of Taichan Satay is in Senayan, precisely in front of the gate of Gelora Bung Karno Stadium, West Plaza Road. There are more than ten sellers of Taichan satay at that location.
There are two types of meat that can be obtained using Taichan spices, namely chicken and goat meat. For typical chicken meat Taichan Satay was made not only the different marinade, the presentation was made different.

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As mentioned, the serving of chicken sate is white, like the color of raw chicken meat. Though the process is the same as chicken satay Madura or chicken satay is common. This is the uniqueness and secret of Taichan Satay.

Satay chicken meat is white does not mean the satay is immature. Certainly, if the satay is cooked when you eat it, although it looks white as raw chicken meat.
It turns out Taichan satay’s secret lies not only in spice but also from the way the meat is stored. Chicken meat is not placed in the freezer but uses ice cubes. In this way, the meat will feel fresh but not hard. Taichan Satay is also made of chicken meat special for satay.

In addition to chicken satay, Taichan Satay also provides goat satay with the same process and the same flavour of Taichan spice. Appropriate the tagline, salty, tamarind, and spicy, Taichan spice enough to make your mouth hissing so biting meat coated with Taichan spice.
There are several versions of the origin of Taichan satay, although the truth has not been confirmed. Initially, there was a young couple (man came from Japan while the women is native Indonesian women) who want a stick in Senayan, Jakarta, the range in 2012. The Japanese man was admitted to not like the typical peanut sauce spice Madurese satay stall eating it. He took the initiative to set fire to raw chicken meat that has been pierced with a spread salt and lime, without soy sauce and sambal. Once cooked, he asked sambal to the trader as a companion satay. When the satay merchant asked what satay he was burning, the Japanese man replied “taichan satay” only, without knowing the reason behind the selection of the name.

Another version of the appearance of the Taichan satay is the presence of South Korean expatriates who often eat satay chicken in a satay stall, still in Senayan, Jakarta. Because it is often eat in the shop, the expatriate became familiar with the owner of the shop. The South Korean man was then teaching the owner of the other way to make a sate which became the embryo of Taichan Satay. At that time, the spices used were all sliced spices like green chili, red onion, garlic, and salt. Later, the spice iris is then mashed to become sambal companion sate plain meat.

Not enough just to imagine it, it’s time to fill the agenda of your vacation by taking the time to taste the sensation of tasty Taichan satay in Indonesia.


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