Dopey Dory, one of the rice bowl menus provided by Chacho Bowls

Rice bowl is currently one of the most popular foods in Indonesia. We often see it in the form of rice packaged in containers that are practical and disposable. The concept of practical food that is popular with Indonesian people, especially Jakarta, made Chef Arimbi Nimpuno founded Chacho Bowls. Chacho Bowls provides five flavors of rice bowls, ranging from Edgie Egg Chick, Dopey Dory, Crispy Chumy, Bumble Beef, and Poppy Prawn.

Chef Arimbi Nimpuno, Founder of Chacho Bowl

Arimbi added, the spices used were actually not new recipes. However, she wanted to introduce Indonesian dishes with a concept that is very close to the present society. Bumble Beef menu, for example, the initial idea was meatballs mixed with green chili sauce. There is also Poppy Prawn which is a Balado shrimp combined with chicken curry. While Dopey Dory is a dori fish dish cooked with typical Andaliman chili peppers in North Sumatra.

In one menu she also tried to combine more than one side dish. “The principle is to want more than one side dish, rich in Indonesian spices because our country is truly rich and it looks like plants for any seasonings can grow.” This was stated by Arimbi in the inauguration of Chacho Bowls in Jalan Pangeran Antasari, South Jakarta (15/ 9/2018).

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In addition to wanting to further introduce Indonesian cuisine in the form of rice bowls, Chacho Bowls also strives to present a concept of food that is not only practical but also healthy. Arimbi saw, currently there are many foods in Indonesia that tend to be unhealthy. For example, because of using dyes, using oil that is not good, to using materials that are not good. Therefore, through Chacho Bowls, the “Spice of Life” program wants to simultaneously educate people to eat healthy food. “The ingredients we use are fresh herbs, nothing is instant and there is no flavor enhancer.

Variant of Rice Bowl Menus in Chacho Bowl

In terms of health, I noticed from there, “she said. Arimbi founded Chacho Bowls with a number of her colleagues. Some of them are Ria Warna, Nowella and Regina Idol, as well as several other founders. Currently, Chacho Bowls outlets are located at Jalan Antasari, South Jakarta.

However, the founders hoped that in the future Chacho Bowls could also open new branches in other areas. Chacho Bowls menu is sold at a price range of IDR 35,000-45,000


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