Jesus Blessing Statue

When we hear the word of Indonesia, certainly the thing that comes to our mind is its diversity. The fundamental ideology that describes the differences in unity written in the symbol of bhineka tunggal Ika (unity in diversity), makes Indonesia in view as a country with a high level of tolerance. This is evidenced by harmonious social life and mutual embrace each other regardless of religion, ethnicity, and race, although not infrequently there is also friction that leads to harmony a little disrupted.

Religious diversity in Indonesia is dominated by Islam, then followed by Christians, Catholics, Buddhists, Hindus, and Confucians all recognized by the state as a religion embraced by Indonesians. In the middle of the dominance of the people of Islam, there is something unique if we look at one of the eastern regions of Indonesia that has a spiritual tourist destination of Catholics in the form of a statue of Christ blessing. This statue is claimed as the highest statue in the world after the statue of Jesus the Redeemer in Rio Janeiro Brazil.
The statue built by the local government of Tana Toraja stands as high as 50 meters (158 feet) and consists of a supporter of 20 meters and the statue itself which has a height of 30 meters. The statue is made of 25 tons of metal fibers and 35 tons of steel and is located at the peak of Citraland Manado housing. This statue has become a new icon of Manado city, this is the 2nd highest statue in Asia and the 4th highest statue of Jesus in the world.

For the highest statue size plus the foundation may be the highest is not a statue in Tana Toraja, but Christ The King statue in Portugal with a total height of 110 meters followed by a statue in Poland with a total height of 52.5 meters.

Christ the King statue, Portugal

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Meanwhile, if the height of the statue is not counted on the runway, then the highest is a statue of Cristo de la Concordia / Christ of Peace – Cochabamba, Bolivia with a height of 34.20 meters

Cristo de la Concordia, Bolivia

But the people of the world have set the statue of Jesus in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil as the highest due to its position on the hill with an altitude of 710 meters above sea level.

Cristo Redentor, Brazil

If the height of the statue is measured from the sea level, then officially the statue of Jesus in Tana Toraja becomes the highest in the world because it stands on a hill with an altitude of 1100 meters above sea level.

The idea of making Christ blessing statue comes from Ir. Ciputra, a real estate developer, as he and his wife stand where the statue is now. The statue was built as an invitation to the people of Manado and North Sulawesi to worship God. Its construction took almost three years by the Yogyakarta Engineer. The cost of making this statue is five billion rupiah.

Ir Ciputra, initiator of the construction of Jesus statue in tana toraja

This statue has a slope of 20 degrees and is made of fiber and steel and became “the first flying statue in the world’s highest”.

With the status in this clothing, now Toraja has a new tourism icon. A golden bridge to support Toraja tourism. Buruk Burung Peak where the statue of Jesus stands will become a religious tourism area that is able to attract tourists as much as possible and tourists visiting Tana Toraja also has more options for travel.


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