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Innovations from Indonesian-made platforms are now gaining international recognition, this time the recognition came from the United Nations / UN where the website platform created by the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB), named, won first place in the category Ensuring an Integrated Approach in the Public Sector Institution at 2019 UNPSA organized by the United Nations (UN).

Minister of Administrative Reform and Bureaucratic Reform (PANRB) Syafruddin received a trophy and charter accompanied by PANRB Ministry of Public Service Deputy Diah Natalisa and representatives from BNPB, Main Secretary of BNPB Dody Ruswandi and Innovator Yayasan Mahardika Fadmastuti. The award was given at Heydar Aliyev Center, Baku, Azerbaijan, Monday (6/24).

BNPB’s innovation, named, won first place in the category of Ensuring Integrated Approach in Public Sector Institutions at 2019 UNPSA organized by the United Nations (UN).

“Congratulations on the award that BNPB has received, hopefully this innovation can continue to be developed and useful for the people of Indonesia,” said Syafruddin after the event.

This award is tangible evidence, that the Indonesian Nation is increasingly responsive to the progress of public services. With this award, Indonesia is increasingly recognized by other nations through UNPSA.

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The participation of innovation from Indonesia in the UNPSA has been since 2014, by presenting five innovations as finalists. In 2015, there were two runners up and three finalists in the UNPSA. Three years later, namely 2018, the EDAT System won the prestigious event. In 2019, an innovation from Indonesia by BNPB again won the UNPSA. “This is a momentum so that Indonesia is increasingly valued in the world,” he added. is a free website-based platform that produces spatial visualization of disaster information in real time. This platform utilizes the use of social media and instant messaging during disaster events to collect and filter the current conditions confirmed by residents in the locations around the incident.

The platform, formerly, was developed by BNPB with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USAID, Pacific Disaster Center (PDC), Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) and BPBD DKI Jakarta. During a flood in Jakarta 2017, this platform can quickly collect flood data and information quickly and realtime. At that time, thousands of people reported flooding and was accessed by more than 500 thousand users in less than 12 hours, so the impact of the disaster was quickly mapped.

When weather patterns become increasingly unpredictable, cities in Indonesia are routinely faced with the challenges of extreme weather events. Lack of access to valid and real-time information results in the ability for BNPB to create innovations that serve to map disaster areas and predict conflicts that will arise.

By providing valid disaster information, it allows people to save themselves and share that information. utilizes all residents, to participate in this platform through social media and instant messaging. The power of social media is used to get reports of disaster events quickly. In accordance with the principles and principles, disaster management must be carried out quickly and precisely.

This platform is designed to operate together with other existing platforms, such as messaging applications, social media, and short messages. This innovation is intended for the general public, especially the lower middle class and the community with limited access to facilities. Since its launch in December 2015, has been accessed 737,102 times by 361,478 users.

Before being proposed to UNPSA, the PANRB Ministry held a Public Service Innovation Competition (KIPP) and continued to provide assistance. innovations participated in KIPP in 2017 and successfully entered the Top 99 Public Service Innovations.

In the same category at UNPSA 2019, Argentina also won for Latin America and the Caribbean. Argentina won its innovation with a name called Social, Synergy and Sustainable Business Models. For the West European region in the same category, Portugal won the championship with an innovation entitled the National Support Center for Migrant Integration.

This award is the most prestigious international recognition for excellence in public service innovation. This is a creative achievement award and the contribution of public service institutions that leads to more effective and responsive public administration in countries around the world. Through annual competitions, UNPSA promotes the role, professionalism and visibility of public services


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