A fisherman at Lake Toba, North Sumatra, Indonesia (Shutterstock/DH Saragih)/thejakartapost.com

One of Indonesia’s cultural heritage sites, the Caldera Toba was chosen as the UNESCO Global Geopark at the 209th Session of the UNESCO Executive Council in Paris (07/07/2020). Executive Board members appoint 16 new UNESCO Global Geoparks, including the Toba Caldera. “Through this determination, Indonesia can develop the Toba Caldera geopark through the Global Geoparks Network and the Asia Pacific Geoparks Network specifically in relation to empowering local communities,” said the Indonesian Ambassador to France concurrently Andorra, Monaco and UNESCO, Arrmanatha Nasir after the determination of the Toba Caldera.

The Indonesian government has succeeded in convincing UNESCO that the Toba Caldera has a high geological connection and traditional heritage with local communities, especially in terms of culture and biodiversity. In this context, UNESCO member countries support the Toba Caldera to be preserved and protected as part of the UNESCO Global Geopark.

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Determination of the Toba Caldera as a UNESCO Global Geopark, provides opportunities as well as responsibilities for Indonesia, especially for the local community. This determination can encourage economic development and sustainable development in the region.

Through the development of sustainable geo-tourism, opportunities are open for local people to promote culture, local products and create broader employment opportunities. At the same time, with the world’s recognition and attention towards the Toba Caldora, the Government and local communities are obliged to improve and continue to preserve the environment and integrity of the Toba Caldora Area.


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