Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, recipient of the award for first responders in Singapore media, the straits time

As good as human beings are useful for others, maybe this is the sentence and principle embedded in the mind of one of the most dominant people after the disaster in Lombok and in Palu some time ago. He is Sutopo Purwo Nugroho, Head of Public Relations of the National Disaster Management Agency (BNPB) who was recently named “The First Responder” by Singapore’s leading media, The Straits Times.

Sutopo was awarded the First Responders for his efforts in informing the mass media both locally and internationally since the beginning of the Central Sulawesi earthquake that occurred on September 28, 2018, even though he was suffering from stage 4 lung cancer.

BNPB through Sutopo as the spokesperson provided information to the media which later became the main reference for information during the emergency response. The Straits Times said that Sutopo was present to inform the public regarding disaster management efforts in Indonesia.

It also stated that Sutopo actively counters fake news quickly to the media and through social media. Sutopo said that this award could also inspire the wider community.

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“Hard work, sincerity, integrity, thorough work and tirelessly is a spirit that must be upheld. Don’t be lazy and easily upset. Whatever you do diligently and never give up, “Sutopo said in a written statement on Thursday (29/11).
“Alhamdulillah received the First Responders award from the leading The Straits Times media in Singapore. This award is for all BNPB leaders and staff who have worked hard and devoted their bodies to deal with disasters. I am only a connoisseur who broadcasts to the media and the wider community, “he continued.

The Straits Times annually awards The First Responders awards to individuals, groups and institutions that have contributed significantly to society, the nation and moreover in the region. Besides Sutopo, the award was also awarded to Ng Kok Choong who saved the lives of humans from the ruins of buildings after the Central Sulawesi earthquake, then Captain P. Rajkumar and Officer Vijay Varma Indian Navy Pilots who carried out air rescue when residents were caught in large floods in Kerala India. Awards were also given to institutions including Mercy Relief and the AHA Center in handling humanitarian assistance.

the recipients of the “first responders” award in Singapore media the time straits 2018

This award is also the achievement of BNPB in disaster management in Indonesia, specifically in the context of the contribution of BNPB in providing information to the mass media. The close proximity of the media with the BNPB Public Relations has made disaster information dissemination easier. The media is very helpful for BNPB’s tasks. The media is a multiplier of BNPB in disseminating disaster information. “For that I thank the media. This award is also for media assistance. So I dedicate this award to media colleagues. Without you what I mean, “he said.

This is an inspiration as well as a strong rebuke for us that having limitations and weaknesses is not a reason not to benefit others, especially the nation and state.


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