Indonesian contingent of Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad. (Photo: Doc. KJRI Hong Kong)

Indonesian students again bring proud news in the stage of international competition. The Hong Kong International Mathematical Olympiad is a venue for proving 175 elementary to high school students from Indonesia by collecting 123 medals, including 28 gold medals, 51 silver medals, and 45 bronze medals. In addition to winning hundreds of medals, the Indonesian contingent also won 6 special awards including one World Star title (national highest score), one Champions title (highest score among participants from all countries), three 1st Runner Up titles, and one 2nd Runner title Up.

“We are also proud of the achievements of students who have re-acclaimed Indonesia in international competitions. Hopefully, this achievement can be a motivation to achieve better achievements in the future,” Acting Consul General of the Republic of Indonesia, Hong Kong, Mandala S Purba, said in a statement on Tuesday. (3/9/2019).

The Mathematical Olympiad in Hong Kong was held on 31 August 2019. The students competed in 2 competed levels, namely juniors and seniors. In this competition, Australia and the Philippines became RI’s toughest competitors.

Although the students won awards, the Indonesian Consulate General expressed concern about the Indonesian contingent because of the Hong Kong demonstration. Mandala said there were 30 participants and his parents were hampered by his travels around the Hong Kong Airport.

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They entered Hong Kong on Thursday 29 August, when conditions in Hong Kong City were heating up again. The atmosphere was suddenly chaotic when riots caused by demonstrators clash with Hong Kong riot troops broke out in the Kowlon Area – not far from their apartment, on Saturday (31/8).

The group from Indonesia who stayed at Lip Sheng Mansion, was finally heavily guarded by dozens of security officers. They are also encouraged to not move outside the apartment. When riots broke out, a number of places were destroyed and burned by the masses. As a result, a number of means of transportation, including operations ceased by the Hong Kong government.

But now, the Indonesian Consul General in Hong Kong, Mandala S Purba, explained that the consulate staff had succeeded in securing the students and their companions to a safer location and far from the International Airport.

Based on the schedule, the group of students who took part in the Math Olympiad will return to their homeland on Tuesday (03/09/2019). For this reason, the Indonesian Consulate General will assist the process of returning the Math Olympiad team through the Hong Kong international airport. Coordination with the airport security will also be carried out by the Consulate General in ensuring the return of the Mathematical Olympiad team to the homeland. “We will monitor and accompany them to the airport later,” he said.


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