Most Awaited Film in 2018, The Avenger Infinity War

Hollywood never ceases to produce high-quality films with visual technology and amazing graphical effects. No wonder Hollywood film production scooped up many advantages ranging from premiere to marketed in public. One of Hollywood’s most awaited films worldwide in 2018 is The Avenger Infinity War by Marvel Studios, Walt Disney Studios, and Studios Motion Pictures. All fans of Captain America and friends are willing to pay a fortune to see the action of hero this time will be faced with a new enemy, Thanos. Including in Indonesia, euphoria festivity is also felt in a country of 250 million inhabitants in waiting for the premiere of The Avenger Infinity War.

But do you know, behind the filming of the Avengers, there are people of Indonesia who have a vital role in the production process of this movie? He is Ronny Gani and Renald Taurusdi. They have an important contribution in the making of animation in this film, Ronny himself plays as a senior animator, while Renald plays as a creative technical director.

Ronny Gani Indonesian senior animator

Ronny has the task of making superhero characters in Avengers to be more look alive, for example, Hulk – a giant green body – made by computer. Despite having undergone various digital edits, the Hulk is still not seen alive. This is where Ronny’s role to make it more visible and look alive. After Ronny and his team finished, Renald and his team were taking care of the simulation part of the costumes, muscles, and hair of the characters.

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Ronny Gani is an alumnus of Architects Engineering University of Indonesia class of 2001. At the end of the semester, Ronny realizes that the potential he has is not in the field of architecture and then pursues his passion in the field of art. He is also the founder of “Bengkel Animasi”, an online educational institution that studies character animation. Ronny started his career as Character Animator at Infinite Frameworks Studios in 2006, he has been counted 12 years in the world of animation. The time is not small and prove its flying hours are high. He has worked in various top Hollywood movies such as Pacific Rim, Ant-Man, and others. Ronny is currently one of the senior animators at Industrial Light & Magic, a subsidiary of Lucas Animation.

In contrast to Ronny, Renald Taurusdi has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Digital Animation from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. He studied there from 2006 to 2010. After graduating, Renald immediately jumped and hone his skills in the field of animation. Unfortunately, Renald did not get credit in the first few movies he helped to do. However, now he has served as Creature Technical Director in Industrial Light & Magic, Singapore. Not much different from Ronny Gani, Renald has also been involved in a number of top Hollywood movies. Starting from Jurassic World (2015), Warcraft (2016), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows (2016), Star Wars: The Last Jedi (2017), Kong: Skull Island (2017), to Ready Player One (2018 ) and many more.

Renald Taurusdi, Indonesian creative technical director.

Through this achievement not everyone can afford, Ronny and Renald with their passion prove that Indonesians are able to play an important role in Hollywood’s largest film industry. Not impossible, through them both Indonesia is able to have the film industry with Hollywood quality, even better.


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