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The proud news now comes from the international martial arts competition. In the International Karate Championship, ‘Yura Dupa Khodadad Cup’ in Brunei Darussalam Indonesia sent representatives consisting of several different clubs. They are representatives from North Sulawesi, the Karate Dojo Kaizen club, the KKA karate club, Prodibya Pati Central Java, and the karate club Hiroshi Karate School. From these representatives, Indonesia managed to collect 17 gold medals, four silver and 13 bronze. One of the most prominent Indonesian karate contingents is Karateka from North Sulawesi, Aditya Timbowo and even managed to get the title of “Best of the Best Male Senior Kumite”.

Indonesia Karate Team

Besides the Indonesian Karate Team, there is also the Taruna Nusantara High School Karate Team which won two silver and one bronze medals in the Kumite branch for junior male, female cadet, and female junior. The Indonesian Ambassador to Brunei Darussalam, Dr. Sujatmiko, MA, expressed his appreciation to the Indonesian team. He congratulated him on meeting the delegates at the Indonesian Embassy in Bandar Seri Begawan.

“I am happy and proud of the winners who made Indonesia proud in Brunei. I hope this achievement and experience in Brunei can be a springboard for our athletes to compete in prestigious events, such as the SEA Games, Asian Games and Olympics,” said the Ambassador Sujatmiko, quoted from the statement of the Indonesian Embassy in Bandar Seri Begawan, Wednesday, July 3, 2019.

┬áThe ‘Yura Dupa Khodadad Cup’ International Karate Championship is a competition held by the Brunei Tourism Institute. The championship is held every two years to commemorate the First President of the Brunei Karate Alliance and President of the Brunei Darussalam Karate Shitoryu Union, Pengiran Haji Yura Dupa Khoadadad.

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This year’s Yura Cup consists of 36 categories of karate competitions and is participated by 13 teams, three Brunei Darussalam teams, one Filipino team, two Indonesian teams and seven Malaysian teams.

Yura Dupa Khodadad Cup is a karate contest by the Brunei Tourism Institute, Young and Sukan Position (JBS), the Karate-do Brunei Alliance and Shitokai Brunei Darussalam. The championship is a biennial championship. The championship was to commemorate the First President of the Brunei Karate Alliance and the President for the Persatua Karate Shitoryu Brunei Darussalam, the late Pengiran Haji Yura Dupa Khodadad.


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