Muhammad Fadli Imammudin, Indonesian Paracycler

My advice to other disabled people would be, it concentrates on things your disability doesn’t prevent you from doing well, and don’t regret the things it interferes with. Don’t be disabled in spirit as well as physically. Perhaps the quotes expressed by Stephen Hawking are very suitable for describing the achievements of the following disability youth, he is Muhammad Fadli Imammuddin. Fadli won a gold medal at the 2019 Paracycling Asian Racing Championship. He finished first in the Individual Time Trial (ITT) number.

In the race that took place in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, Tuesday (4/23/2019), Fadli dominated the ITT Paracycling in the C4 – C5 category (quadriplegic). He recorded a time of 29 minutes 50 seconds. He defeated his Iranian rival, Mohammadi Mahdi (C5), who was ranked second with a record of 30 minutes 24 seconds. Meanwhile, the bronze medal was won by Malaysian cyclist Mohamad Najib Turano, who posted 30 minutes 25 seconds. Fadli who competed in the Individual Time Trial (ITT) number of the Paracycling class C4 class (quadriplegic) incised the fastest time over a distance of 20 kilometers.

Indonesian parliamentary rider Muhammad Fadli unfurled the red and white flag after becoming the best ITT number at the 2019 Asian Road Paracycling Championship (ARCC) in Tashkent Uzbekistan on Tuesday (4/23/2019). (Indonesian Paracyling Team)

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“With an independent preparation because there has been no training camp, and it will only begin in early May, of course, thank God I succeeded in winning,” Fadli said via a short message to detiksport on Wednesday (04/24/2019). “In addition, taking part in the championship is also an opportunity for me to look for points for the Paralympics. I don’t know now what position I am in the world rankings but in the top six, Asia has been safe,” he explained.

However, Fadli said that he would still be participating in the championships to further secure his position until the calculation of the Paralympic qualification is completed next year. “For the current position, I should have been safe. But (still) I have to take part in the UCI championships. The plan is to have a championship in Malaysia next August and September in the Netherlands. Maybe I will go there,” he said

With that success, Fadli increasingly paved the way to the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo considering this championship is one of the places to look for points.

In his Instagram, Fadli expressed his gratitude and pride after for the first time in his career successfully won the ITT number gold at the Asian level.

“Thank God, fortune has never been exchanged. I got the Gold Medal from Rainbow Jersey from ARCC,” Fadli wrote in his Instagram account.


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