Indonesian swimming team at the Southeast Asian junior swimming championship, Phnom Penh, Cambodia. (Photo: ANTARA / HO-Humas PRSI)

Indonesia’s achievements were re-inscribed in international competition. This time came from the junior swimming competition, the 43rd SEA Age Group Swimming Championship 2019 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 28-30 June 2019 where the Indonesian swimming contingent managed to wipe out 20 medals consisting of 10 gold medals, three silver medals and seven bronze medals. Each medal was obtained by Azzahra Permatahani, Adelia, Komang Adinda Nugraha, Philomena Balinda (Gold), Cahya Erinjaya, Rashief Amila Yaqin (Bronze), and Cahya Erinjaya, Elysha Pribadi (Silver).

Adelia presented the gold medal on the last day in the 200 meter group 2 breaststroke (14-15 years) with a record time of 2 minutes 38.18 seconds, according to the PRSI press release. The medal is Adelia’s third gold in Cambodia, after previously taking home gold in the 50 meter number and 100 meter breaststroke.

“It’s really nice, every day you get one gold. This is a great achievement, because you can contribute my first gold to Indonesia in the SEA Age Group,” said Adelia.

Another gold medal that day was donated by Komang Adinda Nugraha from the number 50 meter group 2 backstroke (14-15 years) with a time of 30.77 seconds.

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Then Cahya Erinjaya won a bronze medal in the 200 meter group 2 breaststroke (14-15 years) with a time of 2 minutes 26.87 seconds.

Rashief Amila Yaqin also donated a bronze medal from the 1500 meter number 1 men’s freestyle (16-18 years) with a time of 16 minutes 4.50 seconds.

Azzahra Permatahani added one silver medal from the 200 meter breaststroke for Group 1 (16-18) years with a record time of 2 minutes 36.85 seconds.

Previously, Azzahra had won four gold medals, contributing the most medals for Indonesia.

“Overall achievement is quite good, but what can be an outline is that for achievement in the Age Group 3 level (13 years and under) our swimmers are still difficult to compete with other countries in the ASEAN region,” said the Team Head Coach Indonesia Hartadi Noertjojo.

Hartadi revealed, for Group 2 (14-15 years) only a few athletes who have brilliant achievements such as Adelia from West Java who won the gold medal while breaking the National Age Group record in her own name at the 2019 Indonesian Aquatic Festival.

Then there is Philomena Balinda from West Java who won the 100 meter gold backstroke, Cahya Erinjaya from Central Java, the silver medalist, and Elysha Pribadi (DKI Jakarta) who practiced and studied in Brisbane, Australia.

While level 16-18 years became the most gold contributor for Indonesia through Azzahra who had packed four gold.
The female swimming athlete from Riau will depart to attend the FINA junior swimming world championship in Budapest in August with athletes from West Java Farrel Armandio Tangkas.

“In conclusion, PB PRSI must close ranks with the provincial government and swimming clubs in the region to boost the development of young people in a smart and systematic way to catch up with the achievements of young people considering they are the ones who will be the next generation,” said the coach.


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