Risa Maharani's works are on display in Paris. (Doc. Risa Maharani)

The La Mode Sur La Seine a Paris event, in Paris, France, at the end of September became a venue for proving self for young designer Risa Maharani, 21 who received high appreciation for her work. Risa showcases her RISA clothing line that raises Maros-themed craftsmanship. The theme was inspired by the term historia de color which in Spanish means color history. What is unique is that Risa is a graduate of the 2017 NU Banat Vocational School guided by the Bakti Pendidikan Djarum Foundation and won the 2018 Modest Young Designer Competition (MYDC) organized by the Muslim Fashion Festival Indonesia (MUFFEST).

one of Risa Maharani’s works on display in Paris. (Doc. Risa Maharani)

The theme is outlined in a fashion design with a simple silhouette and urban style character, but has a story in it, according to the tastes of the young market segment in Europe. The material used is dominated by polyester with intimate color play with primitive life, namely red, yellow, blue, black, and white. A touch of ornaments that rely on handicrafts are also presented as an attraction for this collection.

The Maros collection is exhibited by an international model on a Boreas cruise ship that runs along the River Seine around the City of Paris with around 300 invitations consisting of international buyers and media. In the event that will take place during the sailing ship, starting from the Eiffel Tower and surrounding a number of iconic places in the City of Paris, Risa had the opportunity to present her work which is expected to open up opportunities for business cooperation with international parties.

“Following the fashion show for the first time in Europe, for me, many challenges were encountered in preparing a ready to wear collection that leads to business to business,” said the girl born in Mojokerto, March 21, 1998, in a written statement.

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She claimed to have to study the tastes of the European market, create design concepts, choose the materials used, to maintain standardization of production.

This is the second time for Risa to penetrate the global fashion world. Previously, Risa’s work was displayed on the Center Stage-Asia’s Fashion Spotlight catwalk stage in Hong Kong in 2018.

“I hope my work can be accepted in the international market and can inspire other millennials, especially vocational schools. Hopefully, I will be more enthusiastic in the fashion industry because I have proven that it is not a dream for students with vocational education background,” said Risa.


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