Aqsa Sutan Aswar (right) won first place in the world prestigious P1 Aquacross round-4 jet ski competition. Source: Istimewa

The P1 Aquacross round-4 event at Pensacola Beach, Florida, United States (US), which was held on 7 – 8 September, has become a special proof for the Indonesian Jet ski athlete Aqsa Sutan Aswar. How come? The gold medalist at the 2018 Asian Games again proved his quality by again presenting a gold medal in the most prestigious event in the world of jet ski in the Pro Endurance 300 class. At the international championship, Aqsa went down with his brother, Aero Aswar under the banner of the Indonesia Jet-Sport Boating Association (PP. IJBA).

The championship, which was also participated in by world-class jet ski players, was held in four rounds or in the circle of detectors called motto. Since the start of the first motto to the fourth motto, Aqsa always made the best start and was superior to the other jets, or you could say he did holeshot. In the initial round, he succeeded in surpassing world athletes such as Chris Macclugage, Aero Aswar, Brian Baldwin, and Eric Francis who always controlled the arena of the US P1 Aquacross championship and other international championships.

Aqsa won the highest points in the first and third moto. While in the second motto, Aqsa narrowly lost to Brian and Chris. In the fourth moto which is the final round, Jetski used by Aqsa experienced a serious problem. It happened because there was a problem when he tried to outperform other athletes, so he was finally unable to complete the finish.

Even so, because the points collected by Aqsa in the moto one through three were already quite high and other athletes were unable to surpass it, he remained strong and won the 2019 P1 Aquacross championship round with the highest score of 67 points. While the other two world athletes namely Brian Baldwin and Chris Macclugage managed to finish with thin points below Aqsa which is 65 points each.

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Aero Aswar himself had experienced several problems with his jet engine so that he was only able to be in the 9th overall position. Both of them hope this race will be the main capital in the face of the 2019 World Finals World Championship which will be held in October 2019 in Havasu City, Arizona, United States.

Chairman of PP IJBA Saiful Sutan Azwar said he was quite satisfied with the performance of the two athletes. He also shared a little about the difficulties faced by Aqsa and Aero while in America. “I am satisfied even though both of them do not have enough rest time after a tiring long flight from Jakarta. Besides they also no longer carry out the temperature climatization process or jetski settings upon arrival in America or in other words when they come they immediately follow the race without adjustment but are able win the battle between other world racers, “said the man who is usually called Fully in his written statement on Tuesday (9/10).


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