one of Indonesia's submarines, KRI Nagapasa 403

Being a sovereign country is an incredible gift that every country had. Every country in the world must pass through the name of a tortuous journey of history to achieve a sovereignty through their independence. Gaining the independence is hard, but maintaining the independence is harder, therefore every country must implement appropriate policies to be implemented in order to maintain independence and strengthen sovereignty.

One of the efforts made by a state in maintaining the sovereignty is to strengthen the defense system or military power on land, sea, and air. Indonesia is one of the many sovereign states with a strong military defense system. Proven military power of Indonesia is now ranked 14th of the world counted from October 2017. Being ranked 14th world then does not make Indonesia satisfied, to continue to strengthen one of the fundamental indicators in maintaining the sovereignty of the country, Indonesia continues to develop its military strength.

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The delegation of Indonesia and South Korea when will attend the signing of a memorandum of understanding of Submarine Project in Surabaya

One of them is to make a submarine that began operating in 2017 yesterday and is targeted to be completed in 2018. Chief of Naval Staff (Admiral) Admiral Ade Supandi said the submarines made in Indonesia will have the same specifications as the submarine made by Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME) manufacturer in South Korea. In Indonesia, the submarine belonging to the Navy was created by State Owned Enterprise (SOE) PT PAL (Indonesian state-owned enterprise that manufactures ships for military and civilian use and conducts repairs and maintenance on ships and engineering) Indonesia (Company). This project is a manifestation of the MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) of Indonesia and South Korea by signing the project of submarine-making Changbogo type with technology transfer model in 2013. Cooperation for the construction of three submarines worth is US $ 1.1 billion two of which are made in South Korea and one in PT PAL Surabaya.

In the process of making two sophisticated submarines in South Korea more than a hundred Indonesian engineers were sent there to study applied technology and then in the third submarine which modules have been sent from South Korea, begun the making of the third submarine in PAL Surabaya. This so-called monumental milestone that is without wide publicity is being started in one of the submarine infrastructures in Surabaya.

The first submarine named KRI Nagapasa 403 which was handed over last week in Okpo, South Korea, has arrived at the Koarmatim Submarine Docks, Ujung, Surabaya, Monday morning (28/3/2017). Previously, KRI Nagapasa has traveled 15 days journey from South Korea. Two early ships were built entirely by DSME in the Land of Ginseng. Meanwhile, another ship was assembled by PT PAL in Surabaya, East Java. Expected transfer of technology. The making of the third submarine at PT PAL can also be referred to as a joint production.

Specification of one Indonesian submarine, KRI Nagapasa

President Director of PT PAL Indonesia (Persero) Budiman Saleh revealed the progress of Indonesia’s submarine assembly company. In total there are three Indonesian submarines from South Korea. This reservation is made through the technology transfer process of shipyard Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering (DSME). Two early ships were built entirely by DSME in the Land of Ginseng. Meanwhile, another ship was assembled by PT PAL in Surabaya, East Java.

The submarine that will be used the Indonesian Navy will have the same specification as KRI Nagapasa 403. Procurement of this submarine is one of the instruments needed to realize Indonesia, as the maritime axis of the world.

Reference: Kompas

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