The Sacred Riana

Are you Remember about a girl who has won a talent search contest in Asia and amazed many people around the world? With her talent and skill in playing the magic arts with mystical nuance, she managed to scent her country with the won title of Asia’s Got Talent 2017 season 2. Right she is the sacred Riana. The Sacred Riana is the stage name brought by the real name Marie Antoinette Riana Graharani a magician with the flow of Bizzare illusionist or magic illusion by using elements of the story that touch or as related to the spirit realm and so on.

After successfully bringing the name of Indonesia on the stage of Asia, Riana is now trying her luck on the bigger stage, world scale, America’s Got Talent 2018 season 13. Not much different from her action at the time of action in Asia’s Got Talent, Riana succeeded in making the whole stage cringing in her first appearance. Illusionist who often carry the doll in the action that presents a thrilling illusion in front of the jury.

From the channel Youtube Got Talent Global, Wednesday (5/30/2018), it appears Riana immediately start the action once entered into the stage. Without a word she threw her doll and stepped off the stage to meet the jurors. Suddenly the action that makes Simon Cowell, Howie Mandel, Mel B, and Heidi Klum shudder with horror. In fact, Simon Cowell instantly made a cross with his finger as Riana approached. Slowly but surely, Riana approached one of the women’s jurors. This time Mel B is the target of Riana. Riana opened a black cloth in front of Mel B. She then held several men’s faces and showed me a piece of paper that read: “12 People Died in Building Blaze: Suicide Victim to Blame”. Riana asks Mel B to choose one of the photos on the table. “Who caused the fire?” said Riana.


Mel B selected a photo that read Bob. But all of a sudden the whole studio of America’s Got Talent shouted in shock as Simon Cowell’s own key rang. Next, Riana takes a polaroid camera and takes a dazzling picture of Mel B. Results of the photograph was then placed in the hands of Mel B.

Then Riana picked up the newspaper, unfolded it, and saw the face of a man named Bob as the cause of the fire. The audience and the jury gawked at it. “Geez my hands are trembling,” Mel B said. “He’s here,” Riana said, pointing at Mel B. Doubtfully, Mel B turned the polaroid photo in her hand. Instantly she shouted in horror to find Bob’s figure in the photo. “My God, Bob is behind me!” greatest. Yes, in the photo it does look a blurry figure that looks like the face of a man named Bob. Not only Mel B, the audience also sounded shouting in horror. The other jurors seemed surprised and speechless. So frightened, one of the jury to ask Riana immediately went from the front of the jury table.

Is the first successful appearance to make the jury can not sleep tonight will continue to be consistent and able to deliver Riana and Indonesia became champion this America’s got talent season 13?


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