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The Sovereign Asian Art Prize 2020 award event was held again in Hong Kong. A total of 31 names of contemporary Asian artists were included in the 16th prestigious Asian award held.

From Indonesia, there are 3 names that are nominated. They are Deden Hendan Durahman through the ‘Look / After’ art; Cityscapes # 02 ‘, Mage Wiguna Valasari with the work’ Daily Parade ‘, and Taufik Ermas through’ Drowning in Silence Before Midnight # 3 ‘.

Launched in 2003, The Sovereign Asian Art Prize is recognized as one of the annual awards in the Asia Pacific region. The nominated artist is fighting for a prize of U $ 30,000.

This year the finalists entered from 18 countries. A board of 88 independent art professionals will select the winners announced in May 2020.

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The chairman of the jury team, David Elliott, said the finalists were selected from 611 proposals for work in 18 different countries and regions.

“Most registrants come from Hong Kong, South Korea, and Indonesia in third place. As we expect, the more proposals the more awards will stimulate the Asian art world,” he said, in a press statement received by AFP on Thursday (19) / 3/2020).

Selected works of art will be sold through Christie’s Hong Kong Auction Hall which are available online and through art exhibitions.

The Sovereign Asian Art Prize began in 2003 when the Sovereign Art Foundation was established as a charity in Hong Kong and is a Sovereign Art Foundation prize that has more than 2000 artists in the region sending entries in its history.

The Sovereign Art Foundation invites a network of experts from Europe, Asia or Africa to nominate artists to participate in prizes. During the exhibition, the final assessment was carried out in person and the first prize winner of US $ 30,000 was announced and an additional US $ 1,000 was given to artists by public vote for the best work. At the peak of the exhibition there is a charity auction where the works of the finalists, not including the first prize winner, are auctioned, with half of the proceeds going to the Foundation and the rest will be returned to the artists.


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