Indonesian cuisine, Rendang

Not a strange thing if Indonesia is called as one of the culinary paradises most in demand by foreign tourists. Because it is bypassed by the equator and blessed by abundant natural resources, that’s the kind of thing that makes Indonesia has a variety of culinary types that are the main attraction in the eyes of the world.

On Saturday (28/7/2018), Indonesia had the opportunity to show one of its culinary wealth in the home country of Zlatan Ibrahimovic footballer, in Stockholm Sweden through an event organized by the Indonesian embassy (Embassy) Stockholm. The event which was named Festival of Indonesian Culture and Arts invited the master chef from Indonesia William Wongso to give a cooking demo to the audience in the form of food tasting typical master chef creations.

William Wongso while presenting his cuisine at the festival of Indonesian Culture and Arts in Stockholm

Culinary Expert William Wongso gave an explanation of the menu of dishes he prepared. Preparation of some traditional Indonesian dishes rich in taste assisted assistant (sous-chef), namely Fatkhul Bari and Shanti Serat. William Wongso presents 2 (two) kinds of dishes, namely: a wonderful soup of sermon Salmon and rendang Elk.

The audience seemed very enthusiastic to try the high artwork from the results of William Wongso cuisine. With modesty, William Wongso states that the variety of Indonesian cuisine is also enriched by the taste of cuisine from other countries.

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As one of Indonesia’s foremost culinary specialists, William Wongso recounts his view that the famous Swedish fish of a kind (surstromming) needs to be appreciated, even though the aroma is stinging. Earlier on Friday (27/7) yesterday, Kungsträdgarden event visitors feel very lucky to get a chance to see firsthand the action he cooks in a live cooking demo held Embassy.

Meanwhile, rendang is processed with spices rendang combined local content, such as Swedish meat-type deer (Elk) that managed to shake the tongue of Swedish society. William Wongso featured Padang rendang culinary at the Kungtsrädgården Indonesian cuisine festival. Chef William Wongso and his team were in Stockholm in order to introduce Indonesian cuisine supported by the Indonesian Embassy in Sweden. The response of Swedish audiences who enjoyed Chef William’s cuisine was very positive.

Annika Aven, the former employee of the interns at the Swedish Embassy in Jakarta, argues that the Indonesian cuisine displayed is high in taste and reflects the “soul” of Indonesia. The opportunity is according to Annika is an opportunity and continue to be attempted so that Swedish people can know that Nusantara spice is very welcome with the meat of Swedish animals.

Indonesian Ambassador to Sweden Bagas Hapsoro said that the live cooking demo in Kungsträdsgarden is able to introduce Indonesian culture to the Nordic public and is expected to have other positive impacts such as increasing the number of tourists and trade and investment cooperation.


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