Indonesia once again received appreciation from the international community at the Indonesia OpenGov Leadership Forum 2019 event at JW Marriot Hotel, Kuningan, Jakarta, Thursday (07/18/2019). This appreciation is a manifestation of the West Java provincial government’s efforts to develop digital villages in West Java Province. West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil received the award in the form of the 2019 ‘Recognition of Excellence’ Award for the Digital Village Initiative Category. “Related to our innovation, which Alhamdulillah appreciated, about the digital village,” said Ridwan Kamil after receiving the award.

OpenGov is an international organization that provides an assessment of government performance, especially for government innovations in various parts of the world. According to the Governor who is familiarly called Kang Emil, the digital revolution needs to be done inclusively by involving various sectors that have not been touched by the digital ecosystem so far, including by providing free Wi-Fi facilities to various villages, such as the West Java Provincial Government. “This digital revolution must be inclusive, involving sectors that have not been reached by digital ecosystems,” he said.

At present, said Emil, villages in West Java have implemented digital systems in various economic activities and coordination between the government and its citizens. The target, this year will be 600 villages in West Java with free Wi-Fi facilities.

“Hundreds of free Wi-Fi in hundreds of villages, such as in Indramayu feeding fish with (applications) on mobile phones, fishermen in Sukabumi looking for fish with fish finders, socializing with social media, then we have residents with citizens Association, etc., including e-commerce, agriculture in Ciwidey which is buying and selling online, “he explained.

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Emil asserted that the application of digital technology in villages is interesting and unique at this time. Because not all places in the world do that.

He also hopes that Digital Village in West Java can be an example of how the digital ecosystem can improve the economy of the villagers so that urbanization into the city is no longer the only choice to improve living standards. “That (Digital Village of West Java) is a big innovation that not all places in the world do, so I think this is an example. Just starting out but already appreciated, God willing, the harvest will be extraordinary,” he said.


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