Sandhy Sondoro, when achieve awards in The First Ceremony of the International Professional Music Award “Bravo”

Indonesia is one of the many countries in the world that has a myriad of talents in expressing the beauty of music. Indonesia’s love of music can be likened to birds and nature, so many things are there in nature that birds are free to go anywhere and enjoy the cool of nature. Many ways people in enjoying music in their likes, either just a stress reliever, filling boredom on the way, or even a career success. Of the many music lovers in Indonesia, One talented Indonesian musician who has many international achievements is Sandhy Sondoro.
Probably not many know this name among international music lovers, but do you know that Sandhy Sondoro is a winner of several prestigious international music awards, among them The Grand Prix Winner of the International Music Festival ‘White Nights of St. Petersburg ‘Russia and international Contest of Young Pop Singer “New Wave 2009” in Latvia. Now in 2018, Sandhy again won an international music award in the stage of The First Ceremony of International Professional Bravo Music Awards held on Saturday (10/3/2018) at The State Kremlin Palace, Moscow, Russia.

In Indonesia, Sandhy also bought a number of prestigious awards at the awards ceremony Anugerah Musik Indonesia (AMI AWARDS) in 2006, 2011, 2012, and in 2016 from various categories. Because of his achievements, many agencies are offering him to participate in various international music festivals, one of which is Brandon Stone, a Singer, musician, composer, jazz pianist, arranger, record producer from Russia.

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Sandhy’s career is not easy, starting from being a singer in Germany, and filling the event in cafes, this man who was born in Jakarta, on December 12, 1973 ago, became known by a number of musicians and producers and finally managed to release his first album titled “Why do not We” on April 25, 2008, in the end, his musical work received a positive appreciation in Germany and other European countries. Sandhy Sondoro was born from a family who loves music. In his house, he always heard American Pop music, Folk, Jazz and Blues from mother or father who playing their guitar every day.

In Indonesia, Sandhy Sondoro started playing music in a band when high school. Sandhy brought rock songs from Van Halen band, Mr. Big or The Black Crowes in the band. At the age of 18, he went to visit his uncle in California and lived there for some time. A year later he went to Germany to study architecture.

No wonder, cause to the experience that sharpens his talent, Sandhy is able to bring and lift the name of Indonesia on the international stage, because during his life, Sandhy holds the strong principle that became his commitment, which is “To me, do not think about what your homeland has given you, but give it from the best of you as much as possible for your homeland, “.

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