Alfian M Fajri rock climbing world title holder

The proud news now comes from the world of international rock climbing. The Chamonix IFSC Climbing World Cup championship, in France on Friday (7/12/2019) became the stage of victory for Indonesian representative Alfian Muhammad Fajri who won the world rock climbing title. Alfian won the speed world record number champion. He became the fastest after defeating Chinese athlete Zhong Qixin. Athletes from Solo, Central Java, recorded a time of 5.764 seconds, while Zhong Qixin was 6.382 seconds.

For Alfian, this is the second consecutive title in this tournament. In April, Alfian also won the IFSC World Cup which was held in Chongqing, China. “I feel increasingly calm in the face of pressure,” Alfian said when asked about the key to his victory, in the release received by detiksport.

Indonesia actually sent another representative to the final round. However, Aspar Jaelolo failed to advance to the quarterfinals. “In the speed era, this is the first time we have won the world championship in Europe,” said Rock Climbing National Team Manager Pristiawan Buntoro.

Meanwhile, in speed woman numbers, Aries Susanti Rahayu and Nurul Iqamah also made it to the finals. Aries failed to win the bronze, while Nurul failed to advance to the quarter-finals.

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Alfian knew rock climbing since he was in the 5th grade of elementary school. His ability is honed in school and community. His house is not far from the field where practicing rock climbers who are members of the Indonesian Rock Climbing Federation (FPTI) Solo.

Since then, he has had the opportunity to appear in regional and national championships. The road to the National Court is open, so you can win a silver medal together with other male rock climbers at the 2018 Asian Games.

Well, because of the 2018 Asian Games, Alfian is sure not to make rock climbing just a hobby. The ideals that he had been developing since he was a child to become an Army were marginalized.

Alfian claimed to be grateful that the road he chose turned out to have a good impact on his family. Because of his achievements, he was even offered a chance to continue to a higher level of education, college. But, he refused.

“A lot of people have offered. I didn’t take it because I wanted to focus on rock climbing first. Moreover, in the future, there is the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. I dream of playing and winning there,” he determined.


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