Audrey Yu Jia Hui, Indonesian Genius Woman

It is undeniable that racial and sectarian issues are still a domestic problem in many countries, especially in Indonesia. The terms majority and minority, indigenous non-indigenous, descendants and non-descendants, are still commonly found and heard by most communities in Indonesia. Therefore, is not surprising that the negative sentiments of the majority and the minority strongly impact on social inequality and horizontal relationships. Because of these issues, it is not uncommon for minority and descendant civilians to have difficulty to get achieving in their own homeland, be as smart and as good as anything, the majority and minority sentiment becomes their obstacle to having a place in their own homeland.

However, such circumstances create an example of love for the homeland shown by one of the Indonesia nation’s finest princess named Audrey Yu Jia Hui. This Chinese virgin scored a remarkable achievement at an unusual age of 16 with a Bachelor of Science degree with the title Summa Cum Laude at The College of William and Mary, Virginia, USA in the physics department. The story of her lives as the minority who is often ignored by her own people has an uneasy journey of life. Insults, discrimination, and intolerance is a familiar thing for her. Even because of her geniuses, he was once considered crazy by her own family and taken to an asylum for being considered abnormal.

This “abnormality” made her complete her elementary school only five years, junior in 1 year, and high school just 11 months at exactly 13 years old. The problem occurred when he was about to go to college. At that time there was not a single campus in Indonesia who would accept a 13-year-old girl as a student. But she did not back down. Audrey finally decided to go abroad, precisely to the University of Virginia, majoring in physics.
It only took her about three years to complete her studies with the title of ‘Perfect!’ Audrey’s skill is not just there. When she was 10 years old, her TOEFL score was 573, which broke the MURI (Indonesia World Record Museum) record for the highest TOEFL score at the youngest age. When she was 11 years old, she is able to think beyond her head of a 650-page English-Indonesian dictionary. And when she was 14 years old, her score went up to 670.

Audrey Yu Jia Huy when awarded 72 Indonesian Achievement Icons

With such achievement, it should be easy for her to get decent jobs and important positions in America, but her love of her homeland, Indonesia, made her want to contribute more to her country, her homeland. Although in the past she was “thrown out” and getting wasted by her own nation, she now invites all Indonesians to love Pancasila (Fundamental Ideology in Indonesia) by manifesting it in a book entitled “seeking the fifth precept (mencari sila ke – 5)” In the her book, Audrey tells broadly that a country can be likened the motherland. Every citizen who is born on earth of motherland, in fact, they are brothers and sisters. In her mind that written in her book, surrendering life to her beloved country, leaving the abundant life of material and sharing her knowledge with the wider community, and the hope that there will be no more poor people in this country, is a dream that she wants to manifest one day.
Audrey says that the inspiration of this book comes from his experience in looking at China. This 30-year-old girl was amazed by the cohesiveness and sense of unity that is owned by the people of Panda country.


Audrey’s book, Mencari sila ke – 5

Based on that observation, he said Indonesia actually has the same ability to be larger and bigger, even beyond China. Moreover, Indonesia has Pancasila as the ideology of the nation. “In fact, the original ideology of China is the same as North Korea, Marxism, but China learns from its mistakes so that now China and North Korea are far different,” she explained.
Audrey herself now works as a teacher at a school in Shanghai, China. He teaches English and helps prepare students for SAT exams. Audrey’s story teaches us one thing, that loving the homeland is not enough with theories and just rhetoric, but must be accompanied by provement and real action that our love for the country can be felt by all people, nation, and state.

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