Weird Genius is displayed in Times Square, New York. source: Instagram

Indonesia again to get good news after the work of 3 creative young men who called themselves “weird genius” gained appreciation by displaying photos of their faces in the Times Square of New York City. Weird genius consisting of Eka Gustiwana, Reza Arap, and Gerald Liu are considered successful in promoting Indonesian music through the work they made, “Lathi”.

Lathi is one song that combines modern and traditional elements combined with theatrical action with a variety of meanings and essences, as a result after being released on their YouTube channel, Lathi managed to get millions of viewers in just a few days and broadcast on various national television.

Because of the viral Lathi song by Weird Genius, many from various groups, both local and international, tried to cover the song until the song was famous to foreign countries and to be displayed in Times Square. One of the Weird Genius personnel, Eka Gustiwana said that he and other personnel did not think that Lathi could be displayed in Times Square, New York, United States. Eka said that the appearance of Lathi in one of the Videotron in Times Square was not deliberately done by the management of Weird Genius.

Eka claimed not to know who was behind the appearance of Lathi and their photos in the Videotron. “I also don’t want to comment anything about that because I’m still finding out too,” he said.

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But Eka did not dismiss that Weird Genius will conduct a number of collaborations with overseas record labels in the future. “We have plans to work with several record companies outside Indonesia. We are in the process. Perhaps there is a connection with it. So if asked why, I myself as personnel are still finding out where the sponsors are from,” explained Eka Gustiwana.

He also added that the Videotron featuring Weird Genius in Times Square had nothing to do with the planned concert in the land of Uncle Sam. “For a concert, it’s not possible with the current conditions. Maybe there are several offers for live streaming,” he said.


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