Indonesian President, Joko Widodo

A few days ago the world was shocked by the speech of the Indonesian president, Joko Widodo while attending the 2018 IMF-World Bank Annual Meeting in Bali. In his speech, the President inserted a sentence on one of his paragraphs about one of the diction contained in a Hollywood movie Game of Thrones. The suspicion likens the dominance of developed economies that continue to dominate as well as the Game of Thrones series.

At the beginning of his speech, Jokowi touched on the success of the country through the global financial crisis in 2008. Jokowi also congratulated the countries that successfully passed the global challenge. About 10 years after the global financial crisis, Jokowi reminded the countries to be aware of the challenges of the world. At one point of his speech, Jokowi also touched on the Game of Thrones.

Many pros and cons post Jokowi completed the speech, especially on social media which responded with various responses both through memes and stats created by netizens. Answering this diverse response, Jokowi gave a special understanding at the 13th UKI Lustrum meeting at the UKI Complex Ball Field, East Jakarta, Monday (10/15/2018) morning.

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He began by repeating the contents of his previous speech, namely likening the battle of countries in the world similar to the series “Game of Thrones”.
“Today’s economic and political events are colored by battles between big powers, between big countries and elite countries,” said Jokowi. “That great power is like a big wheel that rotates, like a life cycle. When a country triumphs, while other countries experience a setback and destruction, “he continued. At the time of the power struggle, Jokowi continued, they were not aware that there was a far greater threat that could threaten the overall existence of the world. For example, global climate change and the global economic downturn Jokowi continued, the moral message of his speech was confrontation and disputes in any form would cause suffering.

“Not only for the losers but also for those who win. When victory is also celebrated and defeat is also leveled, then both of them are aware, but it’s too late,” Jokowi said. “If the realization is only recent, the victory or defeat in the war will always be the same result, that is a ravaged world. In fact, we should not do destruction only to produce a victory. There is also no meaning of victory celebrated amid the destruction that is the moral message that wants I delivered at the annual meeting, “he continued. The President’s explanation speech received a lively appreciation from the event participants.


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