2 Tarakan students, Yossy and Imam who won gold medals at WICE Malaysia 2019. Source: humas.kaltaraprov.go.id

The World Invention Competition and Exhibition (WICE) competition is a stage of proof for students of Palangkaraya High School 2 who succeeded in bringing Indonesia’s best names among all participating countries. The event that was held on 2-6 October 2019 was a unique event because it was held by two countries, namely Indonesia which was represented by the Indonesian Young Scientist Association (IYSA) IYSA and Malaysia represented by SEGI College, on the SEGI College Subang Jaya campus, Malaysia.

Yossy Prananda Leksono, a student of class X MIPA 3 and Rayhan Imam Hezbullah, class XI MIPA 4, won 1 gold medal in the WICE Category Biology and Environment.

“The winner of the gold medal and grand award in the form of a 100 percent full scholarship in terms of the College was won by Palangkaraya 2 High School,” said Doni Nurdiansyah, IYSA representative, Monday, October 7, 2019.

“They are researching about the use of Bintaro plants to eradicate white lice in Lombok plants,” added Doni.

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Doni said the 2019 World Invention Competition and Exhibition (WICE) was attended by 253 participants from eight countries, namely the United Kingdom, South Korea, Turkey, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia.

Tasks executor (Plt) head of Tarakan High School 1 Weti Heri Murtiningrum High School 1 accompanied by a teacher accompanying Ade Kuwara said, the two students raised a study entitled Effect Spray Lindur Fruit Extract (Bruguira gymnorrhiza) As Anti Termite Natural for Termites (Crytotermes cynophalus Light) In Control of Termite Attack, or the use of one of the local wisdoms of Kaltara as a natural anti-termite spray.

“I am very proud and happy. “Tarakan 1 High School students can beat other high school students from various countries who participated in this competition,” he said.

Besides getting gold medals, the two students also received other awards. Namely the award of the Association of British Inventors and Innovators and the MIICA Special Award. Where, the award was chosen directly by a random international jury

This competition event, he added, received full support from the Indonesian Embassy in Malaysia, the Malaysian Ministry of Education, the Malaysia Innovation Invention Creative Association (MIICA), the Malaysia Young Scientists Organization (MYSO), the Invention Institutions from the United Kingdom and South Korea.

The purpose of this competition is to see the development and knowledge of today’s children about science, discovery and innovation, especially in the field of science, and need to know the extent of students’ insights, knowledge, and abilities in applying their scientific knowledge.


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