The Indonesian Geography Olympiad Team succeeded in making a proud achievement for the Indonesian nation as the General Champion in the 2019 International Geography Olympiad (IGeo) event held in Hong Kong, 30 July - 5 August 2019.

Indonesia again brought proud news from the international science competition. This proud news came from the 16th International Geography Olympiad (IGeO) 2019, which took place from 30 July to 5 August 2019, in Hong Kong. The Indonesian team, represented by students from various high schools in Indonesia, managed to show their best performance by bringing in a total of two gold and two silver medals. For this achievement, Indonesia was named the overall champion in IGeO 2019, which was attended by 176 participants from 44 countries.

The four medals, two gold medals were won by Fernando, Sutomo 1 Medan High School Students, and Fayola, Medan Methodist 3 High School Students. While the two silver medals were won by Hadyan F Anshori, High School Students of Insan Cendikia Gorontalo and Agista Kumala Dewi, High School Students at Semesta BBS Semarang.

Head of Sub Directorate (Kasubdit) of Students, Directorate of High School Development (Ditjen PSMA) of Ministry of Education and Culture, Juandanilsyah said that this achievement should be appreciated by the government because this is the first time Indonesia has become the overall champion in the Olympics. As a form of government appreciation, the Ministry of Education and Culture will give awards in the form of educational scholarships to universities to medalists.

“Of course, they will still be given scholarships. Support from us, the assistance program for these younger siblings, there is something we can give to continue on to college,” Juandanilsyah said based on a press release, Thursday (08/08/2019).

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Juandanilsyah also mentioned, IGeO 2019 took place in three test rounds, namely the Written Response Test (WRT), where the participants took the written test within a certain period of time. The next round is the Fieldwork Test (FWT) or field test. He explained, in this round, the participants went directly to the field to conduct observations in certain areas and at night, carried out an analysis of the planning of the observed area. The final round was the Multimedia Test (MMT / Multimedia Test), at this stage, the participants besides working on questions related to geography, also questions related to the five senses.

Based on a report from the 2019 IGeO Steering Committee, the Indonesian Geography Olympiad Team is very superior in WRT, this is evidenced from the total score generated, ranked 3rd from 44 countries. For FWT, Indonesia ranks 7. As for the multimedia test (MMT), it ranks 7. However, accumulatively the Indonesian team achieved the highest score of 262.91, followed by the United States (US) with a score of 254.62 and England with a score of 252.19. In addition, based on the IGeo Task Force Meeting Board, it was decided that Indonesia qualified as the host of the 18th IGeO in 2021.

“This success, in our opinion, is the result of the hard work of assistants and lecturers, especially the practice and practice of written questions (WRT, ed) by online distance learning,” Juandanilsyah said.

Based on these results, Juandanilsyah said, Indonesia was determined to continue to improve coaching methods, especially in the field of field tests and multimedia tests, because the challenges ahead were far tougher, both in terms of the number of participants and the quality of the questions and diversity of assessments.

One gold medalist, Feyola said he did not expect to be able to offer a gold medal for Indonesia. “Actually, I was quite surprised to get a medal, because when I was working on the problem, I actually didn’t have enough mastery, but praise God could make achievements for Indonesia,” said a student who had just finished her education in high school.


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