Indonesian Students Win Gold Medals at the 2019 International Mathematics Olympiad in England

Indonesia once again performed brilliantly in the International Mathematics Championship. The proud news came from the event “International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) 2019” in Bath, England. Indonesia, which was represented by several high schools in Indonesia, managed to prove its ability to compete with 600 participating countries by obtaining six medals, consisting of one gold medal, four silver medals, and one bronze. The achievement of this medal led Indonesia to 14th out of 110 participating countries.

One IMO 2019 gold medal was won by Kinantan Arya Bagaspati from Taruna Nusantara High School, Magelang, Central Java. Four silver medals each presented by Jonathan Christian Nitisastro (Petra 2 High School, Surabaya), Alfian Edgar Tjandra (Kharisma Bangsa High School, South Tangerang), Aaron Alvarado Kristanto (Petra 1 Middle School, Surabaya), and Valentino Dante Tjowasi (Petra 2 High School) , Surabaya). While one bronze was obtained in the name of Farrel Dwireswara Salim from Kharisma Bangsa High School, South Tangerang.

The Indonesian Team Coordinator for IMO 2019, Aleams Barra said, Indonesia’s achievements were far better than in several countries such as Australia, Britain, Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands. “The acquisition of the gold medal this time is the third time that we have ever gotten after previously we also got gold in 2013 and 2018,” he said.

Aleams added, in IMO 2019 students were asked to work on six math questions that had to be done in 4.5 hours. These questions cover four fields, namely algebra, combinatorics, geometry, and number theory. The questions given are original questions with quite high difficulties. To be able to do it requires speed of thinking, mental calm, and high creativity.

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“So not a few of the participants did have difficulty doing it. Even at the level of professional mathematicians, it would be difficult to work on IMO questions in such a short period,” he said.

In addition to training and guidance that is quite maximal, he acknowledged that this was a team that was already ready. “From the beginning, the selection process did look very ready, both physically and mentally, and also responsible,” Barra said.

Senior High School Director Purwadi Sutanto expressed his pride in the achievements of IMO participants who have been increasing every year since 2013. He hopes the Indonesian Mathematics Olympiad Team can consistently win gold medals and can even improve even better. “They are very extraordinary, and I am proud that the IMO team can maintain this golden tradition. They deserve the highest appreciation from the country and are an inspiration for all students in Indonesia. In the future it is also hoped that scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and economists will contribute “for the advancement of Indonesian science and technology,” Purwadi said.

Kinantan Arya Bagaspati, the only gold-winning student claimed to be very proud. He cried in tears when announcing the score and won the gold medal. “It can’t be said, it feels like I have not believed. All my hard work and team can bear fruit, and of course also thanks to the guidance of the Olympic coaches, teachers and especially our parents. Thank you to all who have supported the departure process we, especially the government, in this case, the Ministry of Education and Culture has facilitated and appreciated the achievements of Indonesian children. Hopefully, Indonesia will be better, “said Kinan, his nickname.

The arrival of young accomplished mathematicians was warmly welcomed by Director of SMA Development Purwadi Sutanto with the Head of the Student Subdirectorate, Juandanilsyah, at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport, Banten. This year the 60th International Mathematical Olympiad (IMO) was held in Bath, England on 11-22 July 2019


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