Wonderful Indonesia coloring the World Cup 2018 in Russia

World Cup becomes a magnet for the world community, not only for fans of soccer sport, but the common people also feel the euphoria of this 4th annual event. This moment is much used as a gathering event with family, friends, and colleagues to become witness 30 more countries competing for the trophy of the world cup. The festivities are also well used by the Indonesian government which will host Asia’s largest sporting event in August.

In the festivities of the biggest soccer party in the world that was held in Russia, there was a hidden message that delivered by Indonesia, the message is a call to the world to enliven the Asian Games 2018 to be held in Indonesia precisely in Jakarta and Palembang. The invitation was conveyed through the Indonesian picture bus that read ‘Wonderful Indonesia’.
it is one of the promotional event conducted by the Ministry of Tourism to introduce Indonesia in the world. Promotion Wonderful Indonesia is not only in the transportation media like a bus, but also present in several other public spaces such as billboards in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

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It is known through CNN Indonesia that two tour bus units with tourism area of Bali and Borobudur with the logo of Wonderful Indonesia and Asian Games 2018 have been around Moscow City since June 1, 2018, ago. Moreover, two digital billboards with Wonderful Indonesia inscribed in the Novie Arbat and Yerevan Plaza areas from 16 June to 16 July 2018.

In addition, there are also some Wonderful Indonesia logos flooding the St Petersburg area. A total of 21 units of large buses and about 4 units of small buses with such a logo, around the streets of Russia’s second largest city.

Minister of Tourism Indonesia said if football is the most watched sports field in the world. Moreover, football this time is a World Cup 2018 event that certainly excited discussed many circles. Therefore, this condition is then used by Indonesia to conduct promotion related to existing tourism.

The hope, through the promotion of many people are also tourists who are interested to visit and come directly to Indonesia to enjoy the charm of tourism as well as cultural arts extraordinary.

Reference: CNNIndonesia.com


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