The Indonesian Choir Team competed in the Grand Prix of Nations and 4th European Choir Games in Gothenburg, Sweden. source:

Indonesia again becomes a source of pride in a world choir competition. The pride comes from the international event The Gothenburg Grand Prix of Nations 2019 and the 4th European Choir Games, which was held from 3 to 10 August 2019. Indonesia, represented by Gitabumi Voices successfully became world champion in the event by bringing the songs “Tophat Medley” ( Irving Berlin Pieces), “Unwritten” (Natasha Beddingfield), “Bruno Mars Medley”, “Brave” (Sarah Bareiless), and “Adele Medley” (Adele Adkins). Everything is delivered with a very beautiful harmonization. Previously, the Gitabumi Voices team also won a Golden Diploma Level V in the European Choir Games Open Competition.

Gitabumi Voices Choir Becomes World Champion at the Gothenburg 2019 Grand Prix and 4th European Choir Games’ in Gothenburg, Sweden. Source:

The vocal group of Gitabumi Voices whose members come from various ages, from elementary, middle, and high school students is guided by Tedy Eka Supriyandi as Conductor. The songs they performed, except Unwritten, were arranged by Kerry Marsh, arranged by Tedy Eka Supriyandi, who also became Music and Artistic Director.

Gitabumi Voices that competed in Sweden consisted of vocalists, Nadine Mochtar, Rara Sudirman, Cinta Aurelee, Rafi Sudirman, Jessica Andrea, Dinda Alby, Callista Zharfa Rahmadhani, Kayla Haura, Diandra Daryl Padma, Tahlirsti Dijane Nurhulwah, Asyahfa Masnun Khalilah, Jinda Maharani Zein, Xander Nasution, and Nashata Denisa.

This victory cannot be separated from the enchanting appearance of Gitabumi Voices, which was strengthened by choreographers Helen Irawati and Arie Pradjanegara as well as the accompaniment of musicians. There were Aloysius Cahyo Pradanto on piano, Franz Victor Prabowo on bass, Filipus Cahyadi on drums, Rafi Sudirman on Saxophone who also became male vocalist. Their appearance is more charming with the design of Indonesian ethnic costumes by Djatnika.

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The achievements of Gitabumi Voicest did not just happen. They must fight their way to achievement. Various domestic competitions and once foreign competitions that were followed became part of their struggle.

The difference in age, school and achievements in the school activities of its members is not an easy thing to deal with. Time adjustment and adaptation, become a struggle of its own. One by one the problems were faced, step by step the competition passed
Their struggle also bears sweet fruit. All of that is of course thanks to the grace of God Almighty. They also thanked all the parents of the Gitabumi Voices team and family for their support, prayers and love. Then also to various other parties such as the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, the Ministry of Tourism, Bekraf and the sponsors, and media partners.

Gitabumi Voices journey does not stop here. In the universe of harmony they will continue to sing, cheer the heart, forge themselves and carve achievements. We wait for their next breakthrough.


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