Moch Afzal Mulkan Djunaedi (14) third grade student of Al-Azhar Cianjur Middle School, West Java, won two trophies in the robotic championship in Johor-Malaysia, defeating other student competitors from 10 Asean countries. Source:

The 9th World Robotic For Peace event held in Johor, Malaysia will be an unforgettable moment for this Indonesian student. Mochammad Afzal Mulkan Djunaedi, a third-grade student of Al-Azhar Cianjur Middle School, won two of the best positions in the ASEAN robotic event. Aboy, a nickname from Mochammad Afzal Mulkan Djunaedi managed to outperform other participants who came from 10 countries and took home the award for the Maze Solving category I and the third winner for the Battle Maze category.

Aris Mulkan as the parent of Aboy explained, although it did not directly carry the names of Indonesia and Cianjur in the event, it was an honor to be able to fly the Red and White flag when receiving an award.

The robotic contest which was held for two days from 7-8 February, was the umpteenth contest followed by the children of the two couples Aris Mulkan and Lussy Rachmawati who were still in the third grade of Al-Azhar Cianjur Middle School.

“For the umpteenth time Aboy can fly the Red and White flag in the international robotic event. As parents we fully support the expertise of our children, whether younger or younger,” said Aris.

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He added, with the competition in Malaysia, there were already three international championship titles which were won by Aboy such as in Singapore to become second place and in Japan to be third place in the robotic event.

Since sitting in the first grade of junior high school, he said, his child has been interested in technology, especially assembling robotic obtained from extracurricular activities at school with some of his friends.

The Secretary of the Al Azhar Foundation, Atte Adha Kusdinan said that he was very proud of Aboy’s achievement of making the name of the school, hometown, and state of Indonesia in the international arena.

During this time he said, the school always supports extracurricular activities that are followed by students through independent extracurricular activities. This form of school support specifically makes robotic extracurricular guided by My Robo Bandung directly.

“Of course this is a matter of pride for schools because a student can carry the fragrant name of the school, Cianjur, and Indonesia in the international arena. Our hope is that there will be another Aboy who can excel internationally,” he said.


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