Edgar Xavier Marvelo won the 2019 wushu world championship gold. (REUTERS/Beawiharta)

The 2019 Wushu World Championship which took place at Minhang Stadium, Shanghai, Monday (10/21) became a proving ground for wushu athlete Edgar Xavier Marvelo who successfully won gold in the men’s Changquan number. The underdog Xavier was able to win 9,663 points and make him beat 87 other wushu athletes. The 2018 Asian Games silver medalist surpassed Weng Son Wong from Malaysia and Ha Sung Lee from South Korea. While Xavier’s colleague, Seraf Nano Siregar, was ranked fourth with 9,623 points.

“Incredible. Xavier who appeared so amazingly successfully raised the Red and White in the 2019 Wushu World Championship. This is a pride for the people of Indonesia given the competition faced is quite tight. And we hope that Xavier’s success is able to trigger his colleagues to be able to achieve the same achievement. “The Secretary-General of the Wushu Indonesia Executive Board (PB WI), Ngatino, was quoted as saying by Antara.

“We are also proud of Seraf Naro Siregar, although they did not win a medal but were able to occupy the fourth position. Xavier’s and Seraf Naro’s success is evidence that they are progressing after undergoing a Training Camp in China with financial support from the Ministry of Youth and Sports,” he added.

Xavier also added to the list of Indonesian wushu athletes who won gold at the World Championship. Previously there was Charles Sutanto who won gold for qianshu and jianshu four years ago along with Lindswell Kwok who won gold in the taijijian and taijiquan numbers.

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In addition to winning the gold medal, the Red and White contingent also won one bronze medal in the number Nan Gun which was donated by Harris Horatius with the acquisition of 9,643 points. The gold medal was won by Po Wei Lai (Taipei) with 9,673 points and silver won by Jun Hua Huang (Macao) with 9,670 points.

Indonesia still has a chance to add a medal in the World Championship this time through two athletes who will still compete for the semifinal tickets in the fight or sanda numbers, namely Yusuf Widianto and Bayu Raka Putra.

“Hopefully Joseph and Bayu can overcome their opponents to move to the semifinals,” said Ngatino.

After successfully winning gold in Shanghai, China, Edgar Xavier Marvelo, nicknamed Edgar, wanted to complete it by winning the SEA Games XXX Philippines 2019.

“When asked about the target, every athlete would want to win gold. But, actually if the personal target is the most important thing to show the best and there is no deduction in value,” he said.


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