Yuma Soerianto. The Little Programmer

Having a child with a natural talent that can make it grow with a unique ability that is not owned by another child is certainly a dream for every parent. One of the efforts of parents is to provide the best quality of education and provide intake – nutritional intake of four healthy five perfect as if the price of death to support the growth of the child. One of them is what is done by Hendri Soerianto who has a child with a unique talent in terms of technology called Yuma Soerianto.

Yuma Soerianto is one of the makers of Android-based applications that have received recognition from Apple as a giant technology company of America by inviting him to the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) in San Jose (USA) in 2017 and met directly with Apple CEO Tim Cook, and did you know that this time the age of Yuma only stepped 10 years.

Yuma’s talent cannot be separated from the role of his father who is also an IT background, so Yuma also has a passion in the world of technology and coding. The beginning of Yuma’s IT talent is known since Yuma was 6 years old when Yuma felt that homework provided by teachers at his school was less challenging and he often opened YouTube to watch various video lessons. During four years of self-taught with the YouTube media, Yuma has managed to create five apps and is already available on the App Store. The five applications are Let’s Stack, Hunger Button, Kid Calculator, Weather Duck, and Pocket Poke.

Seeing the talents and abilities possessed by Yuma, Kemendikbud and Kominfo increasingly strive to realize the program design for 3 years ago to include the coding material into the curriculum. Even today, some vocational and senior high schools in Indonesia have held coding programs as a study conducted by Kemendikbud before being incorporated into the curriculum.

It is a pride that Indonesia has a very valuable asset in the aspect of Science of technology which is shown by the young generation that will continue to grow and the one of them is Yuma Soerianto. With the support and guidance from parents on the sensitivity of his son’s natural talents, Yuma is now able to appear internationally at the age of 10 years. Surely this will be more effective when there is also support from the government in paying attention to valuable assets and talents for the progress of Indonesia itself.

reference: Kompas


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