Kind of Martabak

Traveling to Indonesia will not be complete if it does not taste one of Indonesia’s appetizers are very famous for its deliciousness is martabak. The taste is delicious and the price is quite affordable to be the reason martabak favored by all circles. In Indonesia there are two types of martabak namely sweet martabak and salty martabak or commonly called egg martabak.

According to some literature, this Indonesian appetizer or originally named Hok Lo Pan was originally Typical Food of Bangka Belitung. Hok Lo Pan or Martabak was created by the Hakka (Khek) people of Bangka. Therefore most people know the name Martabak Bangka, the original name in Bangka is Hok Lo Pan (Martabak). The Meaning of Literally Hok Lo Pan (Martabak) is a Hok Hok Lo Cake. How to make it not too difficult, using wheat flour, smeared with butter, sprinkled with a chocolate mixture of peanuts and sesame, or grated cheese mixed with sesame, then given sweetened condensed milk.

Variant of Sweet Martabak

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Over time more and more innovations for this sweet martabak topping, ranging from strawberry, chocolate Toblerone, red velvet and others. Now the sweet martabak has spread in various cities in Indonesia. Sweet Martabak also has many designations even in Indonesia itself, such as moonlight cake, cake bandung, and also betel nut.

While the egg martabak originally came from India brought by the Javanese youth after marrying Indian women. Upon returning to Java the youth began introducing martabak eggs with martabak that was more adapted to the taste of the Javanese martabak with the contents of vegetables mixed with other ingredients. Because the martabak is popular with relatives and siblings, start martabak eggs sold at big events in Java.

Egg Martabak a.k.a Salty Martabak

Now martabak eggs are not inferior to sweet martabak. Usually, martabak sellers peddle sweet martabak and also martabak egg
If the innovation of sweet martabak is found in its various toppings, the egg martabak has an innovation on the ingredients used, its eggs used not only chicken eggs but duck eggs, as well as the contents not only vegetables but also meat therein.

One of the famous martabak food stalls in Indonesia is markobar. In addition to the characteristics of his own martabak with the presentation using a variety of toping, it turns out the owner of markobar is the eldest son of the 7th President of RI Joko widodo, Gibran Rakabuming Raka.

Markobar itself has spread in some areas of Indonesia with its center in the city of Solo. If you travel in Indonesia and visit one of the areas in the city of Solo, you must find a favorite martabak place in the solo exactly in the address Jalan Doktor Moewardi, Mangkubumen, Banjarsari, Mangkubumen, Banjarsari, Surakarta, Central Java 57142.
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